nayarivera Lazy Sundays…
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brittana hiatus challenge
→ 11. favorite thing about santana
Her heart. Santana doesn’t open herself up alot but when she does, she has this beautiful heart. I don’t think people give her enough credit for what she does. It’s hard to crack her shell but when someone does, they’re truly lucky to have her a friend. She can say that she doesn’t have a heart all day but we all know she does. She just doesn’t like to be vulnerable.

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"I just want people to feel something, whether is good or bad. Just feel some type of way about what I’m putting out there. And you know, hopefully like my voice, I like when people like my singing." (insp)

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Glee Meme | Six Characters (3/6)

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Naya stops by Lassen’s Natural Foods & Vitamins in Los Feliz x

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nayarivera Happy birthday to the best friend and person ever! Love you Telly. Can’t believe I found such an ideal pic for this! 🎉💙🎂
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I miss this place so much. It’s where we fell in love.

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Best of Santana Lopez in Season 5 of Glee  :
↳ x

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